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Simply fill out our online quotation form below - Please include images of your existing staircase along with the description of the works you would like and we will do the rest.

Getting started with your quote

We will respond with a quotation along with example images. If you would like to discuss the quotation further then we can arrange home visits & video chats or discuss via e-mail.

What happens next?

What images do I need to send?

To provide you with an accurate quotation, we kindly ask for some visual references of your stairs. Please include images that showcase the key components such as newel posts, handrails, turns in the stairs, and any other relevant features. In most cases, just a couple of images are sufficient for us to gather the necessary information and provide an accurate quote.

What if my requirements are too difficult to describe in the note box?

If your requirements are difficult to describe in the notes section, we recommend sending us an image of the desired finish as the third attachment.

Alternatively, you can reach out to us via email using the contact details provided below. If you prefer to discuss the details further, please feel free to give us a call at (01344) 534035. Our team will be happy to assist you.

How long does it take to get a response from the quote form?

Our goal is to provide a response to every inquiry within 48 hours. We strive to promptly address all submitted forms and ensure you receive a timely reply.

Do you cover my area?

Although our headquarters are located in Bracknell, we do travel outside of our immediate area to carry out projects. To confirm whether we cover your specific location, please include your postcode when submitting the form. This allows us to verify the coverage in your area and provide you with the necessary information.

How long does a staircase renovation take?

The duration of a staircase renovation can vary depending on the specific project. In general, most projects are completed within a timeframe of 2 days. However, since each project is unique, some may require more time while others may be completed in less time. Once we have assessed the condition of your existing staircase and have a clear understanding of the desired finish, we can provide you with an accurate estimate of the duration for the renovation works.


The above form is designed to speed up the process and deliver accurate quotations as quickly as possible. We understand you may have a special requirement so please get in touch and let us know

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